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Are you ready to get paid by the sun?

Achieve your financial goals with the Alternatex My Solar Network program.

Thanks for your interest in the My Solar Network program created by Alternatex Solutions. The goal of the Lead Generator position is to discover quality leads while building a program that supports the team and ensures longevity. A Lead Generator will not be required to sell anything! The ability to work your own hours, earn a fantastic living and help promote a healthier planet through solar power is what My Solar Network can provide.

Alternatex Solutions was founded in 2015 and focuses on using a Whole Home Approach before incorporating solar energy. We look at how to improve efficiency before we design a solar system that will offset your energy costs. Reduction of energy consumption, use of fossil fuels and saving money are all benefits of making use of our Whole Home System.

Alternatex Solutions does not use any high pressure sales tactics. We feel that our product and system will help the client so by presenting the information and educating the customer they can see the advantages for themselves.

About the job

  • Position – Lead Generator
  • Job Description – Provide qualified leads* to Alternatex Solutions
  • Requirements – 16 years of age, ability to work in Texas
  • Compensation – $40/appt $400/sale

Qualified Leads*

A lead is considered a qualified lead based upon the following criteria:

  • Own their home
  • Ability to file for a tax return
  • Non-mobile/manufactured home
  • Must be in Texas
  • New Customer

*Alternatex Solutions retains the right to deem any lead as non-qualified per a list of qualifying factors.

* An appointment may not be set up with a customer whose home has already been used as an appointment.

How do I get leads?

The exact method that is going to be successful is up to the individual Lead Generator.

Recommended Methods

  • Door to door marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Traditional advertising
  • Networking
  • Direct marketing parties
  • Referral boxes
  • Discover your own method!

Have a great idea of how to market My Solar Network? Let us know, you might have the perfect new idea of how to maximize My Solar Network in a new way and we’d love to hear it!

Building Your Team

In addition to your own profits from the lead generation program, we’ve designed the program as a team system to increase your potential earnings. Team members will be directly underneath the original Lead Generator. A portion of the profits produced by the lower level lead generators will be applied to the main Lead Generator.

Lead Generator level 2 – Works as a second tier under the main Lead Generator. Turns in qualified leads to Alternatex Energy Solutions.

Lead Generator level 3 – Works as a third tier under the level two lead generator. Turns in qualified leads to Alternatex Energy Solutions.

Advertising – A lead generator may run their own advertisements and create their own collateral to help generate leads. Alternatex Solutions is not responsible for these costs. Any advertisement or collateral must be approved by Alternatex Solutions.

Training – Basic training will be required for this position. This includes very basic knowledge about our products, solar and efficiency solutions. Basic script training, lead generation training, how to get leads.

Sales Rabbit – Will utilize the Sales Rabbit software to track leads
Better Leads • Have heating or cooling issue • Wanting to be energy efficient • Safety or Health Concerns • Independence from power company • Power companies/ net metering offered – Better starting point but not required

Incentives and Rewards When a total of 350K/yr has been reached in sales generated through leads the lead generator has provided themselves, the lead generator will qualify for a 10KW Solar System for their own home. This package can also be exchanged for a cash value of $7,500.

Building Your Solar Network

Achieve your financial goals by building Your Solar Network! By adding members to your team you have the ability to dramatically increase your earning potential. In addition to getting paid for your own appointments set and sales made from them, the level 1 lead generator will be earning from each of their team members as well. For every appointment made by a level 2, the level 1 will get $10 and $55 if a sale is made. The next level will also generate earnings for the level 1, they would make $5 for each appointment and $20 for each sale made. This can quickly start adding up to a very nice monthly income for the level 1 lead generator.

Alternatex Energy Solutions

Lead Generator Lv. 1 – $400 referral fee + $40/appt.

Lead Generator Lv. 2 – $55 referral fee + $10/appt.

Lead Generator Lv. 3 – $20 referral fee + $5/appt.

Alternatex Solutions will provide some basic training for the lead generation program. This will include basic product and company knowledge, basic solar and efficiency knowledge, software training and tips for success.

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