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Did you have a great experience with Alternatex? We are only as good as the warm feelings our customers have about doing business with us. We want to make sure you have been taken care of because Texans take care of Texans! Let others know about your experience with us in hopes that your story helps someone feel great about doing business with Alternatex.


I was amazed at the outcome of my project with Alternatex. They told me I would save as much as 70%, but we are seeing much closer to 100% reduction. We haven't had an electric bill in months. We are so proud of our system and our savings.
David Chambers
I never answered any of those calls from guys trying to sell me solar panels and such. I always politely closed the doors on the other guys who came knocking at random times of the day. But something was different about these gentlemen and I couldn't be happier with their professionalism and their service. You can't do wrong working with Sam and this team.
James Mack


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